Stories of how lives have been changed

At Prodigals, our goal is to help men overcome their sexual addiction. For the men that attend Prodigals counseling, the most powerful impact is the stories of men restored. Marriages, families, and relationships have been repaired through God’s grace and love. The men who attend Prodigals recognize that they have a powerful testimony to give others. We have asked a number of men in the program to share their stories of hope.

Recovery can be difficult, but for those who have committed themselves to this program of recovery, lives have changed and their relationship with God and others have been restored.

Personal information has been changed to protect anonymity.

Stan – A story of marriage restored
Joe – A story of restored relationship with God
Lou – A story of God’s grace
Brad – A story of relationships restored
Cliff – A story of accepting responsibility
Bill – A story of overcoming shame, guilt and fear
Matthew – A pastor’s story of redemption